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Aclas LS2XC Label Printing Scale

Aclas LS2XC Label Printing Scale

LS2X series of barcode label electronic scale is suitable for large and medium-sized supermarkets, chain stores, delis, greengroceries, etc. Pull-out and vertical paper load mechanism makes convenient for paper installation. Clear printing effect, user friendly and solid base design ensures the stability of weighing, together with functions of powerful network, nutrition labeling, tracking infomation etc. Rectangle/square display, with/without pole version and linerless label printing are optional to offer more choices for different demands

Aclas PS1D Price Computing Scale

Aclas PS1D Price Computing Scale

  • Multi customers accumulating function (patent) with five accumulating keys, able to accumulate for five customers at th same time, whereas traditional electronic scales just accumulate for one customer.
  • Insect-proof design {patent), able to prevent the defect caused by bugs entering into the machine.
  • Unique super lower power consumption design, only 3 AA(LR6) can drive the scale approximately half years.
  • Patent shaking detected circuit design, most of the time in super power saving stand-by status(21 HA) , will enter into working status by any loading(5.5mA).
  • 3 AA(LR6) batteries can drive the scale half years(work power consumption 5.5mA, calculating by 8 hours each day, 30 times each hour, 10 seconds each time, power consumption in one day is 3.66MAH. The battery capacity of 3 AA batteries is 4.5V 2300MAH, so 2300 +3. 66~~628 days,approximately half years.
  • Price unit (500g) or kilogram (kg.) can be set, suitable to traditional market.

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